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F/SF Vol. I Anthology

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F/SF Volume I is the first in what I hope to be an annual (or better) anthology! Twenty-one tales of fantasy and science fiction! More than 80,000 words!

From the intro: "In the following pages you'll encounter not only desert ghouls, space aliens and haunted cars; but also a bedeviled baseball player and bewitched carousel horses; cryogenics and alchemy; robots and spellcasters; mad scientists and stranded spaceships; an axe-wielding woman warrior; dangerous denizens of the deep blue sea and renegade lucid dreamtime seekers.

"And who knows what we'll see in F/SF #2!"

Here's the complete table of contents, followed by the link to pick up your own copy in print or PDF format!

Table of Contents
Cover art - "Monolith" by Robert Sankner
Introduction - David Bain, editor 4
I Can Spend You - Charles A. Gramlich 6
The Rose - James S. Dorr 11
The Wordmonger's Tale - Bruce Boston 24
The Thinking Part Is Me - M. T. Reiten 27
Of Silence and Slow Time - C. A. Gardner 35
Toril and Cort – Barbara Davies 54
Emissary - G. W. Thomas 70
The View from Stickney Crater - Rick Kennett 74
In the Cemetery of the New City - Stefen Styrsky 85
After You Die #1: The Sky (poem) - David Bain 96
The Sacrifice - Bruce Golden 98
Teratoid - William Allan 105
Algorhythms - Simon Kewin 124
If Death Were a Horse - Michele Acker 126
The Latest Model - Laird Long 141
Artificial Living (poem) - John Grey 145
The Last Drive - Steve Moody 147
The Calling - Kevin Anderson 152
My Translucent Hands - Andy Oldfield 160
Winter's Season - Sherry Thompson 172
Playing the Dozens - Leah Bobet 189
And a Sprig of Rosemary - Robert J. Santa 195
The Cthulhu Cure – Gregory Story 199
About the Editor 219

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